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575 Epsilon Drive
Suite 2
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
United States of America
Extrel is the world''s leading manufacturer of Research and Process Mass Spectrometers, Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA''s), Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems and Components.

Around the world, corporations, universities and research laboratories involved in analytical research and process analysis and control are very familiar with Extrel, a name they associate with the best Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems and Research Components worldwide.

Extrel's legacy began over 45 years ago, at the University of Pittsburgh, when Wade Fite, a Professor of Physics, and Ted Brackmann, his associate, developed a stable high-powered RF power supply critical for their molecular beam experiments. News of the success of this innovative product spread rapidly throughout the scientific community. Soon, colleagues from around the world were asking them to build this stable high-powered RF power supply for the mass spectrometer research community. In 1964, they formed a company and began manufacturing the power supply. Extranuclear Laboratories, later to be renamed Extrel, was born. As the company grew, it added other high performance mass spectrometer instruments to the product line for various applications, such as, basic research, process control, laboratory, and industrial QA/QC. In 1976, the company became one of the original pioneers of process mass spectrometry technology, with the introduction of the PROMASS. Since then Extrel has gained a global reputation as a supplier of Process Instruments with seven generations of on-line mass spectrometers for industry.

Extrel CMS, LLC, acquired the business from a division of ABB in 2004, and continues to be recognized by research and industry worldwide as the premier supplier of research grade quadrupole mass spectrometer systems and components, and on-line systems for process control and development.

Through the years, Extrel's customer focused philosophy has grown. Our continuous innovation, state-of-the-art electronics, and determination to exceed customer needs, has given us the opportunity to implement an endless number of solutions in incredibly diverse markets. Over four decades later, the company that began with the invention of a high-powered power supply has grown to provide mass spectrometers that offer the highest sensitivity in the market, the highest attainable quadrupole resolution and mass range, as well as the greatest flexibility for integrating Extrel components into larger systems. We welcome the opportunity to build a genuine working relationship with you, and offer customer service and support worldwide.

Contact Us

Extrel CMS, LLC
575 Epsilon Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Phone: 412-963-7530
FAX: 412-963-6578
Email: info@extrel.com
Visit our website: www.extrel.com
Extrel | 575 Epsilon Drive Suite 2 Pittsburgh, PA 15238 United States of America | 412x-963x-7530
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