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Mass 4 Service, Inc.

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1282 Alma Court
San Jose, CA 95112
United States of America
Mass 4 Service, Inc.

With over 30 years of experience repairing, maintaining and troubleshooting leak detectors and applications for helium and argon systems, our technicians will help you find solutions for today and tomorrow. All of our work is guaranteed.

Phone support is provided to our customers as part of our service, along with speedy response times, quality replacement parts, and professional in-house service. 

Increase your application reliability, schedule Preventative Maintenance today!

4 Reasons to schedule annual Preventative Maintenance:

»Process reliability & efficient product throughput: reduced downtime

»Optimize sensitivity and dependable leak measurements (NIST compliance)

»Reduced Emergency Service Charges

»Early warning for operational issues on systems and pumps 

Expert On-site Service and Maintenance for most Helium Leak Detector models

NIST Traceable Helium Leak Standard Re-certification

Vacuum Pump Rebuild Service for Helium stable pumps: mechanical vane, scroll sets, turbo pumps

Introducing the LabBuddy, with a SST work-surface and M4P tablet control of your Agilent VS Series Leak Detectors

Operator Training Workshops – on-site, ask for a syllabus

Call 800-910-4356  service@mas4.com or Visit our website: www.mass4.com


Visit our website: www.mass4.com
Mass 4 Service, Inc. | 1282 Alma Court San Jose, CA 95112 United States of America | 800x-910x-4356
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