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Staib Instruments, Inc.

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101 Stafford Court
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States of America
Staib Instruments, Inc.

STAIB Instruments is one of the world's leading companies for high performance surface analysis instruments.

STAIB has provided surface analysis systems for over 20 years, with a record of excellence and quality. All system are hand-built, and can be tailored to suit many individual customer's needs.

Please browse around our website, and feel free to contact us via the details provided on the contact page. We look forward to providing the best possible system for your particular situation!


Reflected High Energy Electron Diffraction, or RHEED, is a powerful technique for studying the structures of crystal samples.

While the components of a RHEED System are fairly universal, STAIB offers a large variety of different options to customize a system to any given customer's needs.

STAIB also offers many standard and non-standard Accessories to RHEED Systems, further allowing for individual customization.

RHEEDVision, our computer analysis program, allows for real-time monitoring of a RHEED system's operation, and can also provide analysis of the RHEED patterns observed using the computer.

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Visit our website: www.staibinstruments.com
Staib Instruments, Inc. | 101 Stafford Court Williamsburg, VA 23185 United States of America | 757x-565x-7000
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