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5045 N. 30th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Utilizing a six sigma disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects, SpectraVAC was able to realize an important and significant milestone for shipment, kitting, customer claims and on-time delivery.

Our goal for shipment and kitting accuracy was 99.96% and our actual goal was 100%! - this breaks down to the following: for the 989 shipments made during 2015, we had zero parts per million errors and for kitting accuracy, for the 640,000 opportunities we had to create an error, we also had zero defects. This equates to a true, six sigma realization (six standard deviations between the mean and the nearest specification limit).

For customer claims on kits, of the 140,000 items shipped within our kits, we had 1 customer claim resulting in 7 parts per million in defects; a 5.9 sigma level.

Lastly our on-time delivery of kits with a 4,000 defect opportunity, we finished the year at a 5 sigma level with a 300 part per million defect ratio.

In short, these very noteworthy statistics demonstrate SpectraVAC's ability to deliver Six Sigma results which greatly improve the quality of our output and lesson if not remove causes of potential defects for our customers.

Visit our website: www.spectravac.us
SpectraVAC | 5045 N. 30th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80919 US | 719x-531x-7882
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