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Challentech International Corporation

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No.21, Taihe Rd.,
Zhubei City,, Hsinchu County 30267
Taiwan (R.O.C)
Challentech International Corporation

Specializes in cryogenics vacuum business since 1989 and committed to providing the finest parts, on time delivery and excellent service support to our customers. We offer:

  • Superior rebuilding service for CTI cryopump and compressor
  • Provide high quality cryopump service kits & related accessories
  • Used / Refurbished cryopump units sales business
  • OEM system upgrade and retrofit
  • Vacuum components and fittings with different flanges (CF, KF, ISO......)
Visit our website: www.challentech.com.tw/index.php?action=sevices_info&id=124
Challentech International Corporation | No.21, Taihe Rd., info@challentech.com.tw Zhubei City,, Hsinchu County 30267 Taiwan (R.O.C) | +886x-3x-5536525
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