XEI Scientific Inc.


The Fastest Way to Pristine

XEI Scientific, Inc. is the world leader in remote plasma cleaning of hydrocarbon contamination in vacuum chambers. The Evactron® Plasma De-Contaminator™ uses a unique, energy-efficient RF plasma source to generate oxygen radicals plus UV from nitrogen metastables for dual-action removal of adventitious carbon.  

Evactron plasma cleaners operate at RP, TMP and UHV levels for in-situ cleaning of EUV and X-ray optics as well as SEM, FIB and TEM samples. The Evactron De-Contaminator can be installed on most vacuum chambers and electron microscopes.  Reach base pressure faster, increase daily throughput and obtain better analytical data with Evactron plasma cleaning.


1755 East Bayshore Road
Suite 17
Redwood City, California 94063
United States of America

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