INFICON market-leading thin film deposition controllers and monitors and QCM measurement instruments control deposition rate and thickness of simple or complex processes with unsurpassed measurement speed and precision. INFICON quartz crystals and sensor heads offer proven quality and reliability - proven by millions of successful process runs with a wide range of materials, applications and industries.

INFICON residual gas analyzers (RGAs) are used as diagnostic tools to aid process engineers in continuously monitoring the manufacturing process for the presence of contaminant gases and for verifying the presence of desired process gases. Transpector® Gas Analyzers provide accurate and reliable data for vacuum process monitoring, process diagnostics, and leak detection.

INFICON helium, hydrogen and refrigerant leak detectors are optimized to the fastest and reliably accurate results for testing vacuum integrity and quality control in a variety of industrial applications.

Our vacuum gauges provide precise pressure measurement and control throughout the vacuum range. Our ceramic capacitance diaphragm gauges deliver higher stability and longer life in many industrial processes. INFICON combination gauges combine multiple measuring principles in a single unit for wide and accurate pressure control and monitoring.


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